Reporting and Reconciliation

Bookcat provides comprehensive reporting and reconciliation facilities to help merchants streamline the management of payment processing operations.

Bookcat Web Management Screen

Each merchant will have the access to their own unique management screen that they can login online anytime and anywhere. Bookcat Web Management Screen gives merchant a single, user friendly and easy-to-use online interface for managing and configuring payment processing services. From this interface merchant can:

  • Oversee all the transactions that are reflected in real time
  • Initiate transaction searches and receive full payment detail
  • Obtain end-to-end visibility into your payment lifecycle including fees settlement and funding
  • Configure and access a virtual terminal to manually process phone/mail order payments
  • Create and manage recurring billing accounts
  • Access your payment activity information at both the order and summary level

* Bookcat cares for cardholders' valuable card information, therefore merchant only can see the first and last 4 digits of card number.

Reconciliation Reports

If you have a merchant account with Bookcat, you will be receiving a reconciliation report in every set period end. This reporting allows you to more quickly and efficiently reconcile your payment activity with your bank statements as well as cross check with your transaction records from Web Management Screen. Enhances and improves both order-level and summary-level reconciliation processes. This reconciliation reporting allows you to:

  • Gain visibility into the end-to-end payment lifecycle within one single source
  • Easily reconcile payment activities directly to bank statements
  • Reduce the number of touch points in your business process to reconcile at both the order and summary levels efficiently
  • Analyze payment performance in order to reduce overall cost of acceptance