Risk Management and Fraud Protection

When faced with multiple ongoing and changing fraud threats, the ability to quickly detect and stop these attacks without impacting your customers has a direct bearing on your bottom line.

Bookcat Payment System will process transaction information from merchants and house the data for maximum security. No software needs to be installed, so getting your payment facilities up and running is quick and easy. All you need to do is to link to us to begin taking orders and accepting credit. Let's us deal with the rest.

Bookcat fraud management solutions help merchant:

  • Minimize fraud loss by stopping fraud loss closer to its inception
  • Ensure a positive customer experience by detecting good orders quickly
  • Minimize your operating costs by reducing manual review and tuning fraud processes quickly

As the internet grows so does Bookcat. We continue to optimize our fraud metrics to ensure the safety of both our merchants and end-users. As a PCI compliant company, we strive to maintain the best certifications and up to date protection measures. Long term reliability is a must in the Online World.

Part of security schemes include:

  • AVCS
  • CVV2
  • Negative Database Scrubbing
  • Velocity Checks
  • IP Blocking
  • Country Blocking