Credit Acceptance Products

Bookcat offers flexible credit card acceptance options allowing merchants to provide their customers with a wide range of transaction and payment facilities. With a full-service help desk and outstanding customer service supports, merchants now can enjoy hassle-free payment processing whenever and wherever.

Virtual Point of Sales Terminal (POS)

Need a POS terminal, without the additional cost of equipment? Use our online payment portal to transform your desktop, laptop or iPad into a Virtual POS terminal - an online equivalent of merchant POS terminal that provides you with an easy accessibility of essential resources.

Simply login to Bookcat Payment System and no need to install any software. Merchants can optimize transaction reporting, and run Mail Order/Telephone Order and recurring transactions. Merchants can also track transaction results in real-time, our reporting functions giving the ability to manage transaction processing and measure bottom line growth at fingertips. Bookcat offers tremendous flexibility, making it ideal for any size merchant.

Mobile Payment

Discover how the Bookcat's Mobile POS solution allows your mobile sales force to collect credit card payments on the go. A fully integrated solution on the smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or any other 3G device, transactions are processed and recorded in real time. This allows your business to go two steps further in cost-efficient, lean and just-in-time operations to maximize benefits.

Recurring Payment

Bookcat recurring payment system is designed to simplify and support the merchants who sell membership, subscriptions, and payment installment -based products. This tool is designed to easily manage and control transactions stipulated for rebilling. The rebilling interface can manage payment intervals and amounts with flexibility along with easy cancellation and on the spot refund ability. These transactions can be initiated either by Bookcat's recurring payment system or via direct integrated posting from the merchant's back-end server/shopping cart's checkouts.

Payment Gateway Solution

This Payment Gateway Solution is designed for merchants who prefer to use their own payment system. Bookcat's Payment System works via API and is XML based. Merchants can post request using systems build in the language(s) of your choice. A detailed description of posting authorizations and API integration for each payment method is described in the API Integration Guide which can be made available in any phase of the proposal process.